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Prof. CHEN Zhigang was Invited by CGTN to Share China's Successful Experience in Poverty Reduction


Invited by China Global Television Network(CGTN), Professor Kevin Chen Zhigang, Chair Professor at Zhejiang University and Senior Researcher at International Food and Policy Research Institute(IFPRI) attended the special coverage-Farewell To Poverty as the honored guest to share China's successful experience in poverty reduction on February 25, 2021.

As one of the three guests on the coverage, Professor Chen watched the whole live broadcast of the National Poverty Alleviation Commendation Conference with the audience through Skype, and commented and interacted before the live broadcast, He also shares his poverty alleviation projects in China and China's successful poverty reduction experience. This column was broadcast at 9 am on February 25th.

Farewell to Poverty, as a special coverage on poverty alleviation, through field tracking reports, shows the world audience the beneficial exploration and development achievements of China's poverty alleviation, and reports on the relevant contents of China's decisive victory in poverty alleviation.

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